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Sleepy Dinosaur Pattern


It's been a long fun day and now it's bedtime for Sleepy Dinosaur. She is ready to go to sleep, but there's a big problem. Each time she yawns, she lets out a big ROAR! With the ROARS! keeping everyone awake, Sleepy Dinosaur must find a way to fall asleep.

This colorful rhyming picture book allows readers to join Sleepy Dinosaur in reviewing her busy day and helping solve her problem while turning on their senses through making BIG and small sounds.

A fun interactive story to enjoy before a nap, bedtime, or anytime! The book is written in a style to accommodate early learning readers to read along, interact with, or read on their own.

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Lee started writing out of his passion for storytelling and as a way to put his imagination into words. Growing up in rural Illinois, he often found himself in the outdoors exploring nature and letting the surroundings come to life around him (which continues today). His work as a writer has primarily focused on children's stories often with quirky characters, animals, lessons to learn, and fun to be had. As a proud parent himself, Lee uses his experiences as a girl dad to make his stories more engaging and relatable to kids and parents alike. He resides in Carlinville, IL with his wife and two daughters.

For business inquiries, permissions, or questions about the book contact Lee at

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Mat is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Chicago, IL. He loves working with whimsical worlds, fun characters and is always striving to improve his skills and challenge himself. He's always been inspired by authors and illustrators like Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and Bill Waterson to create artwork that can help others to understand themselves and others better and teach them to
evaluate themselves and others with a critical eye and a compassionate approach.

For business inquiries contact Mat at Visit his website and awesome work at

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